Why 107 Hot Showers Matter

In one morning alone, 107 men living outside St. Mary’s Dining Room (a full health and social services agency near San Francisco) had come to take hot showers. And what do showers have to do with health? Everything. I traveled to St. Mary’s Dining Room in Stockton, California recently to visit our free clinic partner as … Continue Reading ››

How a New Partnership for Health Began in a Sports Stadium in St. Lucia

By Abigail Schultz, Latin America and Caribbean Programs Two years ago, AmeriCares received an email from Raise Your Voice St. Lucia, an advocacy group that promotes women rights, education and empowerment on the island. Their message to AmeriCares was clear - St. Lucia’s health system was in desperate need of medicines and medical supplies. AmeriCares wanted … Continue Reading ››

Providing Behavioral Health Care in a Primary Care Setting

Extensive barriers to accessing behavioral health care exist in the United States - affordability, access to a behavioral health provider, fear of stigma. Each of these barriers can be eliminated or reduced by folding behavioral health services into the primary care setting, or “integrating care.” A national survey published by the Mental Health Association found … Continue Reading ››

When a 10-Minute Drive is an Ocean Away

Last week I paid a visit to the University of Miami’s Pediatric Mobile Clinic (UMPMC). The 40-foot bus was parked outside the Center for Haitian Studies in Miami’s Little Haiti neighborhood as usual - the big blue bus took over the parking lot, with staff, interns, residents and volunteers providing care both in the mobile … Continue Reading ››

Meeting the Growing Need for Affordable Dental Care

By Sal Migliaccio, Associate, U.S. Programs
Although the Affordable Care Act (ACA) has helped approximately 22.8 previously uninsured people gain medical coverage, hundreds of thousands in the United States still lack access to critical care. Uninsured and underinsured people are faced with astronomically high … Continue Reading ››

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