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By Max Antonucci, AmeriCares Social Media Intern
By Max Antonucci, AmeriCares Social Media Intern

[inlinetweet prefix=”” tweeter=”@AmeriCares” suffix=””]When I first heard #HealthCareHeroes, it took a while for me to understand it.[/inlinetweet] The hashtag’s purpose seemed simple: to help spread the word about the heroes we see providing quality health care to others – people like doctors and other medical professionals. Except it then hit me: how many of these kinds of heroes do we really know that well?  It might not be enough for the idea of a health care hero to ever really catch on. But recently I figured out the true meaning behind #HealthCareHeroes, and how it can apply to a lot of people we know.

I finally understood it when I discovered what AmeriCares was supporting in Japan with our local partner, Hope Worldwide Japan (HWWJ). [inlinetweet prefix=”” tweeter=”AmeriCares” suffix=””]This video shows how an unusual approach to healing led to my revelation about #HealthCareHeroes.[/inlinetweet]

#HealthCareHeroes from AmeriCares on Vimeo.

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